About Us


Welcome to The German House! We are a cultural center with a sole purpose of coloring this world with new languages. With 3 operating branches in Lebanon (Sidon, Tyre, and Beirut), we take pride in being the center that offers courses in four different languages with high-quality and trustworthy services within an affordable price range. TGH also provides its students with an IELTS training course to prepare them for the IELTS test. We also offer training courses to support job seekers in order to deliver a performance.

For the purpose of immigration or studying abroad, most of our students are learning a new language. To support their efforts, we make sure to assist them in the visa process and to insure the needed paperwork. TGH has the ability to assist around 40 students per semester in the preparation for their visa process helping them make their way to Germany and Italy.








Our Mission is To

To support new overseas opportunities’ pursuers by providing them with top-notch language learning and testing services, and assisting them along their journey until they reach their destination country.




Our Vision is To

Making ‘moving abroad’ an easy-to-reach goal for overseas opportunities’ seekers


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