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Frequently Asked Questions – Language courses

If you can’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ section, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to assist you. We update our FAQ section regularly to ensure that our customers have access to the most current information.

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Got Questions? We Have Answers

FAQ Courses:

Our teaching staff offers the language in an exclusive and exceptional way. Our
methodology in the learning process is modern and innovative, thus, effective.
The sole language used in the classroom is the language you have registered for.
Our language courses are based on communication and interaction which make your
learning journey quite entertaining, as we offer you the opportunity to implement
what you have learned, into real-life situations.

In order to make sure students are placed in the right level, new members of TGH
are required to sit for a written and oral placement test. As for students who have
been away from any English language course for more than six months, they are
required to sit for a placement test too, before registration, in order to track their
language level.
We also accept internationally recognized language exams, as proof of the Language
level, and we can place holders accordingly.

Depending on various and individual factors, the timeline of your learning journey
will differ. Our teaching staff will, of course, do the necessary and what is needed to
deliver the learning material. Yet, on the other hand, your commitment and your
time input will make a notable improvement. Taking into consideration the make-use
of the additional practice resources.
Rough guideline, amount of instruction to complete each level approximately:
A1 = 60 – 100 hrs
A2 = 70- 110 hrs
B1 = 80 – 120 hrs
B2 = 100 – 150 hrs
These levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for

All students who attend at least 65% of their classes will receive a certificate of
participation for their course on request.

We offer face-to-face courses, where you can have direct contact with our qualified
teachers and peers in the classroom.
As for students who can not attend face-to-face classes, we offer online courses, with
the same content and quality in delivering the material, following a similar teaching
plan. This type, of course, will allow you to learn German wherever you are as per a
selection of different time slots.

If you decide to cancel your registration for the course, prior to the start of the
course hours, there will be an administration fee of 40$ to be applied.
After the course starts, NO REFUND will be granted upon withdrawal from the

FAQ Exams:

For the time being, the ÖSD exams are exclusively held at our Saida branch. You
may find the projected exam dates at our ÖSD Prüfungszentrum Find exam dates – OSD.

In general, you should pick up your certificate in person during our office opening
If you would like another person to pick it up, this person should provide us with the
following documents in hard copies:
-A copy of your passport
-A written statement signed by you giving permission to this person that he/she may pick up the exam certificate on your behalf.

Internal students External students

200 €

250 €


250 €

300 €


300 €

350 €


350 €

400 €

TGH offers free training sessions to all registered students in the upcoming round of
exams, in order to prepare them on how-to use their language knowledge onto the
exam papers, as well as to get familiar with the exam strategies.

Exam results are released 4 to 5 weeks after the day of the exam. It will take 2
additional days until the ÖSD certificates will be issued and then shipped to Lebanon.
If you chose to pay the additional fee for the EXPRESS result, the exam results are
released 2 to 3 weeks after the day of the exam. It will take 2 additional days until
the ÖSD certificates will be issued, and then shipped to Lebanon.

The Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch also known as ÖSD is a state-approved
examination and assessment system for German as a Foreign and Second
Language. The ÖSD exams are internationally recognized and accepted worldwide by
universities, employers, professional bodies, and governments.

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